Which golf club to learn first?

Medium irons are the clubs that beginners should use for most of their full swing practice. You can also use these clubs around the green for a chip shot and run. These are sticks that are quite easy to hit, since they are quite short, you can build confidence in your technique as you learn. The Best Golf Club Sets for Beginners Meanwhile, the wide sole of the sand wedge makes escaping bunkers much easier, which is an area of the game that beginners can really struggle with.

This set comes with a 10.5° driver, a three-wood, a hybrid, a 6-iron sand wedge and an excellent putter to combine. Other sets may come with more clubs (this is a 10-piece set), but that means you can add additional clubs, perhaps as your game improves. The best golf club sets for beginners don't have to be really expensive either, as this game proves. Another premium option on this list of the best golf club sets for beginners.

This set comes with 10 clubs in total, frustratingly short of a full set, including a 10.5° 460cc driver, a 5-wood club and an easy-to-hit hybrid club. To this day, Joey suggests starting with a half game or a two-thirds set, starting with 3, 5, 7 and 9 irons and 3 and 5 wood sticks. Add your golf club and driver and you're ready to hit the course. The golf clubs needed for a beginner are a driver or wood, a hybrid, medium irons and a putter.

A driver isn't always essential, as golfers will often benefit from learning to hit the tee with a wood or hybrid. Irons are needed on the fairways and around the greens, whereas a putter is always used on the green, or from the edge. Beginner golf clubs are designed to have larger heads and optimal points, and therefore more forgiveness to help players maintain solid contact with the golf ball. If there's one comment that golf club installers are likely to hear most often, it's that beginner golfers tell them that they're not good enough to fit golf clubs.

What comes in the game: The great thing about golf is that if you want to buy individual golf clubs for your bag, you can do that, but you can also get complete sets with a single purchase. Street woods and hybrids are different golf clubs, but can be used similarly on the golf course, depending on preference. Because every golf swing is different, golf manufacturers have responded by creating different types of clubs that can better serve that swing. However, one of the first peculiarities of golf that beginners learn quickly is that the “woods” are not made of wood.

You may have gotten into golf after watching the pros do their thing on the PGA Tour, but make no mistake, you don't need the same equipment as them to have a good time playing golf. If all of the different brands, suggestions and descriptions above give you a head spin, then you are probably the perfect candidate to start your golf journey with a game of golf, rather than individual purchases. In addition, golf can be expensive, so any beginner looking at their first set of golf clubs can see themselves having to make a big investment just to get started. However, if you're new to the game and want to pick up some clubs to learn, walking into a golf shop and following the example of a salesman can be a daunting experience.

You can play golf with fairway wood, iron and putter, but you'll want to learn to use more clubs if you want to be able to handle any situation. He quickly became an expert in golf equipment and has always been the place where family and friends go for buying advice, and he spends a lot of his time testing golf equipment, clothing and shoes. .

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