What is the most important thing to learn in golf?

This is the holy grail of golf and what every fan wants. You should plan to have six to 12 golf balls in your bag, a golf glove (if you use one) and t-shirts and a ball marker in your pocket and ready to use. Grip: Most golfers have never held a golf club. For a good grip, hold the club with your fingers, not the palm of your hand.

Goal: Most golfers don't align with their goal, so they try to correct the trajectory of the ball through their swing. Learn how to properly align by placing two golf clubs on the ground at a distance of approximately 18 inches, pointing them toward your target. Keep your swing between those two clubs. One of the intimidating things about getting started in golf is wondering if you're using the right clubs.

As with most things in this game, the key with the team is to start slowly but strategically. First of all, even if most players make it to the end, there's no need to start with 14 clubs in your bag. It basically takes less, not more. I love teaching beginner golfers, and I am so honored every time I give a golfer their first lesson in learning the basics of golf.

Brittany Gavula
Brittany Gavula

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