Types or clothes for golf

White and pink as well as very bright colors are something you graduate into as you move up the golf hierarchy and establish yourself as a flashy snappy dresser. Women golfers can wear collared polo shirts or blouses with trousers, capri pants, knee length skirts, shorts or skorts. Socks, golf shoes or trainers with good sole treads are also needed. If you want to look like Jordan Spieth or Dustin Johnson, you'll need to get some soft spike golf shoes like the ones below.

I do suggest playing in your chosen golf shirts and also your golf shoes so you practice in the same gear you play in.

How should I dress to play golf?

Men should wear long pants made of cotton or a polyester blend, or dress shorts with a pleated or flat front. If you wear a shirt with a collar and Dockers-style pants or shorts, you'll meet the dress code of 95-percent of courses. Don't assume that just because you're playing on a public course you can show up in jeans and a T-shirt. I played with soft spike golf shoes for 14 years but as someone who suffers from serious stud pressure playing any sport, I ditched them for spikeless as soon as spikeless became a 'thing'.

These dress codes are not as restrictive as the rules for PGA Tour or LPGA Tour players, but they are designed to ensure that amateur players adhere to a certain protocol to help maintain the game's traditions.

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