How many golf clubs should a beginner have?

If you're a beginner golfer, you should start with 10 golf clubs. You can play golf with fairway wood, iron and putter, but you'll want to learn to use more clubs if you want to be able to handle any situation. A beginner should carry around nine or ten golf clubs in total. If you're new to the game, completing golf sets and building your own bag are good options because you don't necessarily need all 14 clubs.

Beginner golfers tend to start with a driver, an iron set, a sand wedge and a putter. Add a golf support bag and you have enough to get started. If you want to look into other golf bag options, see which golf bag is right for you. You can find sets specifically labeled for beginners that offer 6 to 9 clubs, and are probably the best option for a developing player.

According to the USGA, you are allowed to carry a maximum of fourteen clubs in your golf bag. Clubs can be of any length, although it is recommended that you have the shortest club longer than your height. No minimum clubs are needed, but each player must have their own clubs. GlobalGolf recommends that you, as a beginner golfer, look for used golf clubs if you are not interested in purchasing a pre-selected set of golf clubs.

As always, beginners should consider taking golf lessons and incorporating it into learning to play costs. Golf clubs are expensive and can be a major obstacle for those who are interested in getting started in golf. You have already learned that your club game must include 14 clubs, which is the limit imposed by the rules of golf. If you practice with these clubs long enough, you can trust your ability to use them and be ready to move on to another set of golf clubs.

Looking at my beginnings in golf, I remember starting with a game of golf given to me by my best friend. When you buy a more premium golf set or you can put the clubs together to make a full set, the deadline for a replacement is extended. This is a great way to buy your beginner golf club set because it comes with a golf bag, a driver, street wood (s), head covers, a set of irons, and usually a golf club. However, if you're still not sure if golf is going to be the sport for you, then you don't need to spend as much on your golf clubs.

According to the United States Golf Association (USGA), the governing body for golf that sets all the rules, you are allowed to carry up to 14 clubs in your bag. Golf clubs are an investment, although the amount you spend on new or used golf clubs depends on your intentions.

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