Do i really need 14 golf clubs?

There are several reasons why this rule was introduced in. We all know that 14 clubs is the most anyone can carry during a round of golf. There is no limit to the minimum number of clubs, but 14 is a maximum. There are reasons for only 14 clubs, however, that would be a topic that would take us down the rabbit hole.

Knowing how to distribute the type of clubs you carry is determined by your game. While you're in the rookie stage as a golfer, you don't need a full set of 14 clubs (the maximum allowed by the rules). In fact, it is better to reduce that number nine or ten, which will make it easier to select clubs on the field and increase the quality of your practice. In an ideal world, you would start each round of golf with at least 20 clubs.

I would be content with the fact that I have all the yards covered and then, more than likely, I would get confused with every shot. In essence, it takes at least ten clubs to move around the golf course. However, that will leave gaps in the distance and make life more difficult. My advice is to take advantage of the 14-club rule and fill up your bag.

You have already learned that your club game must include 14 clubs, which is the limit imposed by the rules of golf.

Brittany Gavula
Brittany Gavula

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